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The firm applies its extensive financial, management and operating experience as well as world class external resources to instill best practices and drive value creation.
The insight to see opportunities others have not.
The flexibility to ensure each investment is innovatively structured as a win-win-win proposition.
Pouschine Cook is a private equity firm that rolls up its sleeves to work with founder owned, family businesses & corporate divestitures to provide capital & active guidance.
The enhancement of an investment opportunity leveraging a long, successful track record, best of breed resources and advisors, and a roll-up the sleeves style.
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For your convenience and security as a Limited Partner, Pouschine Cook Capital Management, LLC has selected e-business workspace provider DataSite as our online financial report delivery partner. For those who currently use DataSite with other investments, you will find that your account has been automatically updated to include Pouschine Cook.

For those who are new to DataSite, we believe you will find the service straightforward and simple to navigate. Accessing DataSite with your email address and a secure password, you will find all of our financial reports and correspondence organized for easy viewing, printing, and downloading.


If you should require assistance with access issues, please take note of the 24-hour DataSite contact information on the login page. If you have any problems accessing the login page, do not remember your email address of record with us, or have any feedback on this service, please call Bonnie Harland at Pouschine Cook at (212) 784-0620 or send an email to