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Investment Criteria

The firm applies its extensive financial, management and operating experience as well as world class external resources to instill best practices and drive value creation.
The insight to see opportunities others have not.
The flexibility to ensure each investment is innovatively structured as a win-win-win proposition.
Pouschine Cook is a private equity firm that rolls up its sleeves to work with founder owned, family businesses & corporate divestitures to provide capital & active guidance.
The enhancement of an investment opportunity leveraging a long, successful track record, best of breed resources and advisors, and a roll-up the sleeves style.
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Pouschine Cook concentrates on purchasing both control and strategic non-control ownership positions in companies in shareholder transition or undergoing significant growth.  These companies are typically entrepreneur or family-owned enterprises that are seeking an experienced financial and operating partner with a demonstrated track record of building shareholder value.

Pouschine Cook invests in proven companies that meet the following criteria:

  •   Strong management team
  •   Equity need of $20 million to $50 million
  •   Revenues of $20 million to $250 million
  •   Minimum EBITDA of $5 million
  •   Significant management ownership
  •   Meaningful ownership position for Pouschine Cook
  •   Chairman of the Board or lead Director role on the Board of Directors
  •   Board of directors membership
  •   Investment horizon of five to ten years

We also like to see the following:

  •   Leading position or niche in the industry
  •   Tangible growth prospects
  •   Acquisition opportunities
  •   U.S. headquarters or primarily U.S.-based revenues