Pouschine Cook Capital Management

Investment Criteria

Pouschine Cook concentrates on providing both strategic non-control and control capital to companies in transition or undergoing significant growth.  These companies are typically entrepeneur or family-owned enterprises or divisions of larger companies that are seeking an experienced partner with a demonstrated track record of building shareholder value.

Pouschine Cook invests in proven companies that meet the following criteria:

  •   Strong management team
  •   Equity need of $5 million to $25 million
  •   Revenues of $20 million to $250 million
  •   Minimum EBITDA of $5 million
  •   Significant management ownership
  •   Meaningful ownership position for Pouschine Cook
  •   Board of directors membership
  •   Investment horizon of four to six years

We also like to see the following:

  •   Leading position or niche in the industry
  •   Tangible growth prospects
  •   Acquisition opportunities
  •   U.S. headquarters or primary U.S.-based revenues