Pouschine Cook Capital Management

International Graphics

International Graphics, Inc. (“IGI”) manufactures specialty, pressure-sensitive materials and extruded films used in the graphic arts and other niche markets.  IGI markets products in four categories, principally under its R Tape brand: paper and film-based application tapes and pre-masks, digitally and screen-printable vinyl films, over-lamination films and non-pressure-sensitive custom extruded films.


IGI’s products are used in numerous applications across multiple end markets, most of which are growing at attractive rates.  The company has a strong brand position in the U.S. with significant growth opportunities abroad, and its management team had recently been significantly strengthened.  Though IGI has had a history of strong revenue growth, the company had not prepared a strategic plan in a number of years.


Pouschine Cook, along with members of the senior management team and another private equity firm, bought out the previous outside investor.  Pouschine Cook offered management the opportunity to purchase significant stakes in the company.


Pouschine Cook is assisting IGI with numerous enhancement initiatives, including further developing its strategic plan, growing the business abroad, improving information systems and processes and increasing operational efficiency.