Pouschine Cook Capital Management

Great Lakes Caring

Great Lakes Caring provides care to patients through four divisions – Home Health, Hospice, Senior Care (Private Duty) and Home Medical Equipment.  Founded in 1994, the Company is the largest independent home health services provider in Michigan.





Pouschine Cook saw an opportunity to partner with a strong management team looking to accelerate Great Lakes Caring’s growth. Great Lakes Caring’s greatest strength is the high quality of care and customer service that it offers.  The company differentiates itself from its competition through the effective use of technology to enhance operating efficiencies, eliminate processing redundancies and improve patient care.  These processes are transferable to new locations and acquisition candidates.


Pouschine Cook provided the founders with a liquidity event and a substantial opportunity at a “second bite at the apple.”  Pouschine Cook was selected as the private equity partner based on our knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry and our experience in assisting companies with organic growth and acquisitions.


Pouschine Cook is assisting Great Lakes Caring with numerous enhancement initiatives, including identifying new geographic locations and potential acquisition targets, expanding the company’s product and service portfolio and adding management depth.