Pouschine Cook Capital Management

Financial Health Services

Financial Health Services, LLC (“FHS”) provides third party billing, payment processing and revenue cycle management services to the senior care industry. Since 1987, FHS has partnered with home care providers to increase and expedite revenue collection from clients and third party payers, streamline their financial operations and open up new funding options for their clients. FHS provides financial advocacy for care recipients, helping them understand payment options and verify third party benefits before making the decision to receive care. We work with over 200 third party payers including commercial, federal, state, Medicaid waiver and not-for-profit. We also provide ACH and bank card processing for client balances. Over its 28 year history, FHS has processed over $100 million of care, helping over 200 home care providers manage their accounts receivable, 8,000 clients remain in their homes and over 17,000 caregivers receive payment in a timely manner.