Pouschine Cook Capital Management

Doe & Ingalls Management, LLC

Doe and IngallsFounded in 1986, Doe & Ingalls (“D&I”) is a specialty chemical distributor headquartered in Durham, NC. The company supplies mission-critical, high purity materials to microelectronic and biopharmaceutical manufacturers, and has established an outstanding reputation for dependability, service and accuracy among its customers and its chemical suppliers. All of the products distributed by D&I are manufactured by leading global chemical companies and are designed for end use in clean manufacturing applications.


What caught Pouschine Cook’s eye was D&I’s dedication to its customers, efficiency in operations and management talent. We saw an opportunity to expand these core skills into supplying other products and services to the existing customer base, expanding domestically into new regions and exploring acquisition opportunities.


Pouschine Cook invested in Doe & Ingalls along with another private equity firm and key members of management. D&I selected the group based on our knowledge of the chemical distribution business, our ability to help support the company’s strategic expansion into other regions, build management depth and implement operational enhancement initiatives.


Pouschine Cook has rolled up its sleeves and together with management have prepared and are implementing a strategic growth plan and building management depth.